Youth Sunday 2017 | Prayers of the People

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In the United States and all around the world today, there are happenings and people around every corner that are in need of your help and of your love.

The refugees fleeing from the ever so apparent violence and brutality present there every day need our prayers to reach a better life and to someday get back to the lives they lived before the violence began, and we would like to pray for their safety, prosperity, and acceptance.

In this town and in bigger cities all around the world, you can see a person facing the harsh costs of poverty, living without homes, food, or opportunity. Give these people the opportunities to pull themselves out of poverty, to help their children escape the endless cycle of poverty, and to overall lead a better life.

Please allow the never-ending tension apparent in our country and world today to show a foreseeable end. We pray to you that it will not tear apart relationships at the seams and that we can come together as a big community once again.

On a global and local scale, discrimination against Muslims because of their religion has become a big problem. Let us all live in harmony without any hate someday.

Thank you, God, for all the beautiful beings and opportunities surrounding us, thank you for the trees, for the wind, and for the sky.

The relationships that hold us together make our lives better every day, so thank you Lord for providing them. Most of all, thank you Lord for providing us as a youth group the precious relationships, opportunities, and time together to learn more about you and act in your ways.

Written by Ella J., 9th grade.

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