Youth Sunday 2017 | Closing Prayer

Dear Lord,
As we leave this church crafted by your loving hands, let us remember you shape the rocks and the land just as this church shapes us. Let these rocks we hold serve as constant reminders that through you, the church crafts us into Christians pleasing to your sight. Through our creation, we are all shaped differently, yet we all share the same jagged edges and sparkle. We are uniquely crafted, yet all the same at our core, both flawed and beautifully made. We thank you for allowing us to remember that the church, which you have created with love and care, is not just a building made of rock, but a call to go out and practice your great compassion and spread your good word. Let us remember this true meaning of church as we go out into the world with the opportunity to shape others in the same way church shapes us.

Written by Ally S.

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