Mission Trip Sunday | At the Table

IMG_7239We set off to Texas knowing that we were going to be doing tornado relief work, but it was unclear as to what exactly we would be doing. We were told to go down with open hearts and willing hands in order to do whatever needed to be done. We were ready. However, the last thing I expected us to be doing was spending the better part of our first day taking down and redoing work that contractors – not volunteers – had done poorly and left incomplete.

Seeing the results of people being deceptive and taking advantage of the consequences of a natural disaster really struck a nerve in me. I wondered if that’s how Jesus felt on the night he was betrayed? In awe and shock that someone could do that to their fellow man, even though he knew it was to happen that way? I feel like he was, but rather than dwell on something he could not change, he instead did what he was commissioned to do — he died on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins.

I realized it wouldn’t do any good to dwell on my frustrations for people I had never met, but that my time and energy would be better spent on doing what I was commissioned to do.  I focused my energy on the fact that we were there as servants in Jesus’ name just as the disciples were commissioned at the last supper to remember Him and be servants to all.

(Written by Kate Seaver, graduated senior and high school mission tripper.)

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