Communion Invitation | 4.15.18

In the post-credit scene in The Avengers movie (2012), we see the Avengers eating at a restaurant. They’re sitting quietly, chewing; there’s no dialogue. They just fought a huge battle against Loki in New York City and they were able to defeat their enemy.

The scene is comical, but it also reminds me of how we can still be in the presence with others around a table even when there’s no dialogue while still connecting and coping with the big things in life.

We can come to this table after a week of feeling like we saved the world, and we can also come when we’re tired, weak, and vulnerable.

And no matter what kind of week we’ve had, we come to this table in the presence of others to remember what Jesus did for us.

Written by Beth Harding, one of our Youth Ministry Directors.

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