Big fish, little fish

There is a small lake in our neighborhood that is annually stocked with fish.  Stocking day has become a small community event where people bring boats and 5 gallon buckets.  The fish are released from the hatchery truck into the buckets and then dispersed by boats around the lake.

Several years ago a mom brought her three-year-old son.  He arrived with his little yellow sand pail.  My husband put some water in the pail, then added a single minnow.  The little boy was mesmerized!

When mom told him it was time to put the fish in the water, he balked.  She explained that it needed a bigger home in which to swim and wanted to be with the other fish.  Finally he relented.  As he gently released the minnow at water’s edge he wistfully said, “Good-bye, my friend.”  Then he turned, and with just the tiniest bit of pride said, “I let him go.”

None of us can be the only fish, the biggest fish, or the smallest fish here.  Each of us depends on God and this community, and God and this community depend on us.  But, like the little boy, we sometimes want to hold on  –  to what?  Our time?  Building relationships?  Sharing our resources?

We each have our own unique abilities to contribute.  It’s sometimes good to say “good-bye, my friend” to that which we hold back.

Let us bring our tithes and offerings.

Written by Sue Krueger for the offering invitation on Sunday, June 10, 2018.


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