Communion Invitation | 6.30.19

I love sleep. It’s one of my favorite activities.

But the past few months my sleeping schedule has been all out of sorts because I started a night shift job. And the issue is not staying up all night at work (thank goodness!) but adjusting my schedule on my days off, so I don’t miss out on some of my other favorite things like being in community with others.

And when I do make it to the important things, even if my body is tired my heart is refreshed and full of life.

We come to this table to be in community with one another and to experience new life that Jesus gave for us.

+ + +

An invitation to the Lord’s Supper given by Beth Harding on Sunday, June 30. The sermon text was Acts 20:7-12, in which Eutychus falls asleep and out the window during Paul’s long-winded preaching. Paul, upon realizing what has happened, goes down and proclaims life in him. Then, after breaking bread together, “they left—Paul going one way, the congregation another, leading the boy off alive, and full of life themselves” (Acts 17:20, The Message).

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